Data Eraser Ensures Safe And Unrecoverable Deletion Of Confidential Data Feb 15th, 2020   [viewed 20 times]

A data eraser is a vital piece of software for anyone keeping confidential information on a computer. Whether you run or are part of a company, or even if you want to hide certain information from your boss, wife or any other people, a data eraser is the best way to make sure that no one will be able to access this information, no matter what methods they use.

Such features make data eraser software a very useful tool for anyone concerned with his security and privacy. Software for data deletion especially in combination with VPN software that you can download here, is able to protect important business information from undesirable people and also defend your online privacy.

Data Eraser

Data eraser software can protect crucial business-related information from becoming available to unwanted people, while also maintaining the privacy of your personal life.

Indeed, simply deleting a file from the Recycle Bin will not ensure that the data cannot be recovered later by a specialized recovery or spyware program. Large portions of the original data will still remain on your hard drive, and unless they are physically overwritten, they may still be accessed after deletion.

Many malicious spyware programs that may be running on your computer without your knowledge could read such partially erased data, and if your computer is also used by other people, they can easily gain access to confidential information without your consent.

Of course, unless you use such specialized data eraser software and permanently erase the data from your hard drive. . Another very useful feature of such data eraser software products is deleting your internet cache, surfing history and cookies, which will ensure an even higher level of privacy and will render malicious spyware programs useless.

You won't only be deleting sensitive files, but also all information related to your internet activity. Still, you should be very careful when using such data eraser tools. You will always have to keep in mind that the data deletion they perform is irreversible, so no data recovery software could help you get back accidentally deleted information.

Still, in the event that someone wants to maliciously or accidentally use such a tool to delete your data, most products come with built-in password protection, only allowing you to perform such operations.


Data Recovery Risks

You can say: “this will never happen with me”, “I always delete personal data”, “I format the disk before getting rid of it”. But not everything is as simple as you think. Usually the information that you allegedly deleted from your computer is stored on its hard drive in the future!
The fact is that with the usual “deletion” of a file (for example, after cleaning the Windows Recycle Bin), in reality it does not disappear anywhere. The contents of the file remain on disk until another file is written over it. The same thing (mainly) happens when formatting media. Most of the data remains available for recovery.


Information Recovery Risk Prevention

To provide the most reliable protection against unwanted recovery of deleted files, it is necessary to overwrite / delete / erase both the space occupied by these files and the free space. In addition, you need to delete the Windows swap file, which may also contain personal data that you would not want to give into the wrong hands.

An ideal policy is to clean up free space on a regular basis. There is nothing complicated in the operation to destroy data on the hard disk after full formatting. To clear free space on large hard drives, a single pass of random data should be more than enough. For example, after one pass of filling with random data, PC Inspector File Recovery finds only a few files with a random data set.

But on smaller disks, cleaner programs tend to leave more files with random data, and this data can be restored with a different level of probability depending on the quality of the deletion pattern.